Critical cover contracts

If a radar stops turning so could your trading schedule

If this happens things could start to get critical, which is why we have
introduced “Critical Cover”* to our range of Bridge Electronics Maintenance options.

The loss of key bridge electronics equipment could mean downtime.

To help avoid and deal with such an event we have created a special Budget Bridge Electronics Maintenance contract we call Critical Cover*.

It is designed to repair key specified equipment such as Radar, ECDIS and Gyros, all mandatory items of navcom required for compliance.

Starting from $2500 per radar, Critical Cover is intended to cover a limited number of vital equipment and is another possible option in flexible choices in our Blue Ribbon range of Bridge Electronics Maintenance Contracts.

Our fixed fee contract for the repair of specific highly vulnerable equipment means no major surprises and minimises both cost and risk and is part of our Blue Ribbon budget stabilising services. It does not require a full maintenance contract and is therefore more economical.

Critical Cover plays an important role with prompt proactive worldwide support for key compliant equipment.


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